​​Every once in a while a new author emerges out of the blue and takes a genre by storm. With Lightning Sky, R. C. George has done exactly that. 

For years I’ve worked closely with World War II veterans—the elite paratroopers and Marines featured in HBO’s
Band of Brothers and The Pacific. I’m particularly interested in stories that have never before seen the light of day, and I was excited to read this untold true story of a father’s quest to rescue his Nazi-captured son—a twenty-year-old fighter pilot named Dave MacArthur who was shot down over Greece in 1944. 

The author’s research is meticulous and will satisfy any iron-sited military history reader, yet George is also a skilled chronicler who understands the delicate art of blending history with story craft. This nonfiction war narrative has the satisfying feel of a page-turning novel, and its aviation action sequences are among the best in the book world. 

George captures the voice of the characters and the flavor of the era in an authentic manner. Rich with metaphor and brimming with emotion, the pages are chock full of patriotism, humor, and the resilient optimism that defined America’s Greatest Generation. 

Against the backdrop of war, when humanity is at its harshest, Lightning Sky offers a glowing reminder that some things in life are worth fighting for. 

I hope you enjoy the book immensely.